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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inspirational Photos

j-p-g:   I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away (via *Cinnamon)j-p-g:   チョコレイト・ディスコ CHOCOLATE DISCO (via “KIUKO”)amnemonic:  no description, uploaded by eibaryaruo:   honey666:  雪のように空に咲く 花のもとへamnemonic:  pya! はなさないゾウpicapixels:  imgfave | Tumblrland-q-girls:   j-p-g:   72170007 (via j.counts)j-p-g:   bloom (via john curley)j-p-g:   Return to Stonehenge (via * Garron Nicholls *)j-p-g:   your black eyes are so deep, he said; I could get lost in them. yes, she replied, they hold the pools of the tears I weep for contacts not updating (via *Karo*)tanakakun:   365.205 Pretty mushroom edition (via Pikku-Kettu)land-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Creative Photographyj-p-g:   tempest in a teacup (via persisting stars)kudryavka1957:   ak47:   yclogy:   allineeded: Pepper is evil!land-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Photos With Reflectionpicapixels:   ak47:   soozies:  Set of 3 ghosts by LennyMud on Etsyxtc:  Focus on: The Unexpected in Design ¤ non solo Kawaiij-p-g:   in a sound sleep #2 (via moS.)land-q-girls:   ak47:   jinakanishi:   rm233:   bagel:   Seasons Of LoVe (via ♥ÇHЄЯÏŞH ¤♥¤ MŸŞŢÏQÚЄ♥)land-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Photos With Reflectionland-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Photos With Reflectionland-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Boat Photosland-q-girls:  HumorEarth.com - Boat Photosproto-jp:  BUDDHA_mauro perucchettipicapixels:  (via honey666)picapixels:   applearts:  Interior design roomj-p-g:   λ⁶ (via @jessewright)j-p-g:   lilly (via ISO50 / Tycho)

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