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Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspirational Photos

art-homes:  (via selectic)robo18:   aurorae:  pjmix:  inumoto:jenniferstuart:   flyawayfromhere: (via alyx)moneymoney:  (via marina)juiceygurl:  (via sweethomestyle)hayami:   j-p-g:   london eye (via nohara tetsuro)thehwangspot:   robjensen:  meggsovereasy:  Uh, yes please. (via sweethomestyle)do-nothing:   cherrylolita:   nadiaisobel:((flickr))nobodyplace:   handa:   j-p-g:   Tron 2 (via benrashton)systempunks:  実在する世界のアイデアに満ちたガムの広告 15枚 -ぱるぷんてにゅーすyaruo:   ucyu:   gkojax:   new-akiba:   muibrog:  biccchi:  comsmet:  deadgirls:  nana82: (via soi)glicine:   openarms:  ベア速 ド田舎のしょぼい駅ってなんか魅力的だよねjuiceygurl:   selectic: Vandeventer + Carlander Architectsglicine:   j-p-g:   上杉神社 (via aquarium1009)missface:  (via architectureblog)callmemellowyellow:   fuckkyeahchicago:   cuong205a:  Grass is always greener - on the roof National Geographic Magazine has an interesting photo-set about various industrial and architectural green roofs - featuring some inspiring greenery on top of Chicago’s City Hall, Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel (also featuring solar electric panels) and even on top of a bus shelter in downtown San Franciscodo-nothing:   nemoi:   World Trade Centre, NY 1999 (via Matt Woolner)hayami:   123zero:   ohshitd:  error888: via image.blog.livedoor.jp 伊藤若冲筆『白象図』selectic:  Nice to wake up to thisselectic:   sweethomestyle: (via architectureblog) Looks like this room was set up on a dock-I like it.selectic:  Thomas Wold does such good stuff

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